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A seasonal business uses text (SMS) messaging for customer engagement

A seasonal business uses text (SMS) messaging for customer engagement

In this customer story, we want to highlight a seasonal business that uses text (SMS) messaging for customer engagement. This business joined our Colligso community last season in 2019. It is a fast-growing custom meat processing business based in rural Arkansas. It focuses on providing quick turnaround and an affordable service. Their highly-experienced, professional staff knows how to process games with little waste and high-quality cuts.


Deer hunting season can be the busiest time of the year for custom meat processors. Not only they must handle the increase in regular business by adding deer, but also there is increase due to holiday demand. The gun season generates additional volume of processing for carcasses. Specialty hunting seasons, including archery and youth hunts, run from mid-September to mid-January and add to the volume.

Customer Interaction

Hunters typically drop their deer off, fill out their own information with the deer and place it with the deer. The processor will tag the deer, call the hunters later for the cutting instructions and provide deer’s tag number to use for pickup.

Using TextIn

Our meat processor also enters the customer’s contact number on a tablet provided by Colligso TextIn (TextIn can also be integrated with various customer facing apps and systems). TextIn helps the meat processor to get customer’s opt-in for text (SMS) messaging. This way, the processor builds digital subscriber database quickly and seamlessly. Customers can opt-out easily by sending a STOP message.

During the season, the processor frequently uses text message campaigns to reach out to the customers to inform them about business hours and other messages. Customers reach out to them using text messaging for support, order status, business hours, etc. TextIn forwards those text messages to the processor’s inbox. The app also notifies the processor of voicemails it may receive. The processor can conduct 1-1 conversations with customers over text messaging using the app-provided number.

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