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SMS marketing for Square point of sale using Colligso TextIn

SMS marketing for Square point of sale using Colligso TextIn

Many merchants are not happy with Square’s Text Marketing. First, they had to wait for years for SMS marketing and now when it is available, it is very limited in terms of the features offered. They think it is too tightly coupled with Square Loyalty. There are many use cases where merchants want to engage with customers, inform them with announcements and promotions. They can’t do that.


Look no further!

Merchants using Square point of sale can now use Colligso TextIn and automate their remarketing processes to increase sales using the most effective communication channel.


As customer contact is captured in your account on Square, push it securely to your Colligso account using Square-TextIn integration so you can increase sales by remarketing your product/service to the customer using SMS.

Benefits of TextIn

  • App-less, simple. Just ask customers to follow your business. TextIn automatically remarkets.
  • Notify customers easily with announcements, promotions and offers. Schedule and forget.
  • “We Miss You” campaign works for you autonomously to bring customers back.
  • Recognize and reward customers on Square terminal and on landing page.
  • SMS message Open rate as high as 98%. Return on spend as high as 300+% (avg transaction $20).
  • Verifies each opt-in, provides easy opt-out, enforces it. Requires minimal intervention on your part

To learn more about this integration, visit Square-TextIn.