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Reach the not-seen customers

Reach the not-seen customers

In an earlier post, They come back, we introduced a simple but effective campaign called We Miss You. Businesses can customize this campaign with a promotional message to bring back customers they have not seen for some time (e.g. 30 days, configurable). Once activated, it runs in an autonomous and responsible fashion (does not send message to those who have not opted-in).

This works for most cases, however, when businesses want to target the “not-seen” customers differently based on their spending, this campaign cannot be used. We looked at online gaming for some inspiration.

In online gaming, the game developers figured that some gamers will have lots of time and no money, others will be vice versa. Game users spend money for many reasons, ranging from convenience to social status. By designing a game to allow users to spend different amounts of money – by offering consumable items, aesthetic items, power-ups and the ability to exchange time for money – the game designers unlock the ability to let their biggest fans spend a lot of money in the game. Game designers use a metric called ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User) and use it to segment their users as following.

  • Freeloaders don’t spend anything
  • Minnows spend the smallest amount possible in a month
  • Dolphins spend a “middling” amount
  • Whales spend a lot

In retail commerce too, the same power of law can be applied. A retail business uses a metric called Average Order Value (AOV) as measurement for revenue. AOV is the average amount of money each customer spends per transaction with a store. In retail businesses also, there are customers who average, above average and a lot.

Colligso TextIn now offers pre-built segments that are populated based on customer spend. It automatically updates these segments using order data. Customers are segmented in the following manner.

  • Minnows 🐟 spend less than average amount in a month, let’s say less than $25*.
  • Dolphins 🐬 spend an average amount per month, say between $25-$100
  • Whales 🐳 spend a lot per month, say above $100

Spend range can differ based on business category. Spend range is configurable. Segment proportions will differ from business to business, i.e. some businesses may have a lot of Minnows and others may have a lot of Dolphins.

These spending based segments and associated We Miss You campaigns are available when you sign up from our website or install the app from the partner platforms. Businesses just have to customize promotional messages for these campaigns and change schedule.

Automated segment updates using orders

If the TextIn app is installed from a partner platform, the segments are pouplated when orders are created on that platform. If TextIn is integrated on Zapier with eCommerce platform (Amazon Seller Central, BigCommerce, eBay, Shopify, SquareSpace, Volusion, WooCommerce, etc.) or payment platform (PayPal, Stripe, Square etc.) , the segments are automatically populated when orders are created on those platforms.

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