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Converse with customers 1-1 using Colligso TextIn

Converse with customers 1-1 using Colligso TextIn

Are you looking for a solution for your small business where you can converse one-on-one (1-1) with customers for business development, sales and customer support? Do you want to carry out customer conversations from your favorite personal device but still want to keep your private mobile number private?

Businesses use Colligso TextIn for the following purposes already.

  • To regularly inform customers about business hours, holidays, change in address, etc.
  • To send deals and coupons to all customers each month or only to those who have not showed up lately.
  • To provide quick access to important information such as upcoming promotion, new product, new service, etc.

Now you can use TextIn for 2-way conversations with customers as well.

Signup for the TextIn 2way plan! Available in the USA only.


Colligso TextIn makes it easy for your customers to opt-in and opt-out, no hassle for you. TextIn is also integrated with popular apps, CRM, eCommerce, point of sale and integration platforms to make it easy for you to sync up customer data. This helpdesk article explains how this feature works.

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