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SpotIn Google Ads Integration

Collect a lead from guest WiFi using SpotIn. Add it to Google Ads Customer List.

How does it work?

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As customer checks in on your guest WiFi using SpotIn, push the lead securely to your Google Ads Customer List via Zapier so you can use it for remarketing with ads. Easy setup. No coding required.


Requires Colligso account -> Sign Up

SpotIn Trigger
Create Trigger for New Checkin in SpotIn

Connect both Apps using this integration on your Zapier account. Then, choose Trigger event as New Checkin event. Choose your Colligso account and select Site. Get sample data.

Google Ads Action
Create Action to Add Contact to Google Ads Customer List

Choose Action event as Add Contact To Customer List With Email from Google Ads. Authenticate to your Google account. Customize Contact by mapping properties of the trigger event to the properties of the action event.

Test and activate the integration!