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Colligso TextIn on Vend

Add customers on Vend. Engage over SMS using TextIn to grow business.

How does it work?


As customer information is captured on Vend, this integration pushes it securely to your Colligso account so you can grow business using text (SMS/MMS) messaging.

Customer Opt-In

Increase opt-ins with multipronged approach

Vend Customer
Add Customer

Before completing an order (in person or over phone), ask the customer to provide mobile# and name.

Vend Receipt
Or ask to follow business via receipt

Inform the customer to follow your business via a message in footer of your receipt. Applicable in US and CA only.


TextIn 50
  • US$0
  • Message Segments* 50
  •   US$ 0.03 Additional Message Segment
  •   US$ Unavailable Each Picture Message
  • Autopilot opt-in
  • Unlimited Hashtags
  • Unlimited Text/Picture Message Campaigns
  • Via Email Incoming Message Notifications
  • Via Email Incoming Voicemail Notifications
  • Beta Video Chat
  • Unlimited Landing Page Campaigns
  • A2P Messaging
  • US$ 25/campaign Marketing Service
Included Add-on Excluded/Not Applicable
All plans include access to Dashboard, Weekly Activity Report by email, Helpdesk and Email support.
* See Message segment calculation. Applies to both outgoing and incoming messages.
† Picture (MMS) messaging is available in Canada and USA only on 10DLC sanctioned route. Image and size limits apply.
‡ See Voicemail charge
✎ Team Colligso can help you create messages and schedule campaigns for you at additional service charge.