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Facebook Ads and SMS can be even better when you use them together. We agree!

Facebook Ads and SMS can be even better when you use them together. We agree!

In his insightful post Why SMS Marketing Doesn’t Suck Anymore (And How to Use it to Generate New Revenue) , Neil Patel writes, SMS and Facebook Ads are excellent on their own, but they can be even better when you use them together. He recommends integrating Facebook Lead Ads with SMS campaigns to build large subscriber base.

We can’t agree more!

Check out this template integration between Facebook Lead Ads and Colligso TextIn. No coding required. There is no need for short codes or keywords. We have made opt-ins simpler and cost-effective with TextIn’s trigger-based campaigns.


Colligso TextIn

Colligso enables businesses to grow profitably by providing an easy to use and integrated platform to create and cultivate digital customer relationships using remarketing. TextIn helps businesses to remarket their product/ services directly to customers using text messaging (SMS) and landing pages. Highlights:

  • App-less, simple. Just ask customers to follow your business. TextIn automatically gets opt-in. Verifies each opt-in, provides easy opt-out, enforces it. Requires minimal intervention on your part.
  • Notify subscribers easily with announcements, promotions and offers. Schedule and forget.
  • SMS message Open rate as high as 98%. Return on spend as high as 300+% (avg transaction $20).

  • Ability to carry out 1-1 conversation over text (SMS) messaging. This feature should help in providing customer service and sales without revealing the staff’s personal mobile#.
  • Automated Call and Text forwarding to business number and corresponding email notification.
  • Automated, auto-targeted “We miss you” campaign to bring back customers not-seen in the past 30 days (configurable). Requires order integration.

Try TextIn

Colligso TextIn is available to businesses directly from our website, Clover App Market and Poynt App Store. Integrations with other apps and platforms are available via Integromat, Workato and Zapier. No coding required.


Credits: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels