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Engage with customers using SMS on Vend point-of-sale

Engage with customers using SMS on Vend point-of-sale

Check out our direct integration between Colligso and Vend.

Businesses using Vend point-of-sale can use Colligso TextIn to increase their customer engagement and grow their businesses using the most effective communication channel, SMS.

Integration between Vend and Colligso TextIn is made available by our new partner, AppyPie Connect. It is quick and easy to integrate and no coding is required. To learn more about this integration, check out the Vend-TextIn page. TextIn is available in several countries.

How it works?

As customer information with mobile# is captured on your account on Vend point-of-sale, the integration on AppyPie Connect pushes it securely to your Colligso account. Colligso automatically adds the customer to appropriate segment(s) based on context available including the spend data.

Benefits of TextIn App

  • Easy opt-in, App-less: Ask customers to opt-in for marketing at checkout. Get written permission from their devices. Offer easy opt-out.
  • Automated Engagement: Reach customers using text (SMS) campaigns. Autopilot pre-built campaigns for not-seen customers and target customers based on behavior including their spending habits. Create landing pages with simple call-to-action.
  • High Return on Spend: Text messages enjoy very high open rate. Add link to landing page for call-to-action. Drive traffic. Increase return on spend.