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Integration with Oracle GloriaFood

Integration with Oracle GloriaFood

GloriaFood is now Oracle GloriaFood. Congratualations GloriaFood team!

Colligso has partnered with GloriaFood to enable restaurants to grow profitably by providing an easy to use and integrated platform to create and cultivate digital customer relationships in an automated fashion. Integrate Colligso TextIn with your GloriaFood-powered restaurant ordering system to engage with customers directly using text (SMS)/ picture (MMS) messaging.

COVID-19 has forced many restaurants to improvise in order to survive due to social distancing, lockdowns and curfews. According to National Restaurant Association’s 2021 report, 68% of customers say they are more likely to purchase takeout or delivery food than they were before the pandemic and 64% of delivery customers prefer to order directly from the restaurant.

GloriaFood offers FREE online ordering system to restaurants worldwide with paid services for payment processing and branded mobile app. With the help of a website ordering widget and a Facebook app, small and medium restaurants can take online orders directly from customers and push them straight on to their smartphones or tablets for fulfillment. Once the order is fulfilled by the restaurant, Colligso TextIn would carry out the job of notifying the customers in background and getting their opt-in, seamlessly. TextIn has low-cost plans with usage-based pricing.

Benefits of Colligso TextIn

  • Order fulfillment notification: Customers order using the checkout interface provided by GloriaFood Ordering System. TextIn notifies them of fulfillment on their phone.
  • Easy opt-in, App-less: Get written permission from their devices to reach out in future. Offer easy opt-out.
  • Automated Engagement: Reach customers using text (SMS/ MMS) campaigns. Autopilot pre-built campaigns for not-seen customers and target customers based on behavior including their spending habits.
  • High Return on Spend: Text messages enjoy very high open rate. Drive traffic. Increase return on spend.


If you do not have an online ordering system, we would be happy to set one up for you with a TextIn subscription. Contact us.

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