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Find your app to integrate with Colligso

Find your app to integrate with Colligso

Colligso TextIn can be integrated with 100s of platforms or web services either directly or indirectly. Check out this video to find how you can find your integration and effortlessly import customer and order* data into your account so you can engage with the customers meaningfully.

Each integtration listed provides easy 1-2-3 steps. Indeed, before you integrate, you would need to sign up.

  1. Colligso account (signup for an app from our website or install our app from partner platforms like Clover, Integromat, Poynt or Zapier.
  2. Account for the app you want to integrate. For example, a Facebook account if you want to integrate Colligso TextIn app with Facebook Lead Ads or Instagram Lead Ads.
  3. Optionally, if integration is via an iPaaS platform such as Integromat or Zapier, an account on the iPaaS platform.

Then head to the integrations page. Find your the app to integrate, e.g. Facebook Lead Ads, click for details and follow the steps. If you face issues, search on Helpdesk or contact us. Here are some helpful articles.

  1. Articles related to integration with Clover

  2. Integration using Zapier

  3. What actions are supported by Colligso TextIn app?

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* Order data integration is available on point of sale systems and Zapier only.