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Add customers using guest WiFi with UniFi, engage with them over SMS using Colligso

Add customers using guest WiFi with UniFi, engage with them over SMS using Colligso

Customers want free WiFi in your store, hotel, event venue or workspace. As a business, you want to engage with them, bring them back and grow your business, using effective communication channel(s).

Ubiquiti Network’s UniFi WiFi system provides enterprise performance, unlimited scalability, and a central management. UniFi WiFi access points (UAP) combine high performance with reliability and innovative design. UniFi Network Controller software provides centralized management of high‑density deployments requiring low latency and high uptime performance for an enterprise WiFi network. A single cloud-based controller accessible through any standard web browser and the UniFi mobile app (iOS or Android) can manage multiple sites, multiple, distributed deployments and multi-tenancy for managed service providers.

Colligso enables businesses to grow profitably by providing an easy to use and integrated platform to create and cultivate digital customer relationships. TextIn helps businesses to engage directly with customers using text/ picture messaging (SMS/ MMS) and landing pages. Colligso platform also supports multiple sites and multi-tenancy.

Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi + TextIn

With TextIn integrated with UniFi WiFi, not only you can offer a reliable, scaleable, cloud-managed WiFi access to customers, you can also use branded WiFi to build your customer relationships quickly and increase customer reach easily. Using this integrated solution, provide internet access to customers and capture contact information for targeted announcements and specials. This solution would help to increase your customer engagement and foot traffic.

Benefits of TextIn

  • Easy opt-in, App-less: Provide free access to your guest WiFi using what customers have. Get written permission from their devices (required for US and Canada). Offer easy opt-out.
  • Automated Engagement: Reach customers using text (SMS) campaigns. Autopilot pre-built campaigns for not-seen customers and target customers based on behavior including their spending habits (point of sale integration required). Create landing pages with simple call-to-action for offers and promotions.
  • High Return on Spend: Text messages enjoy very high open rate. Add link to landing page for call-to-action. Drive traffic. Increase return on spend.

Customer Experience

As customer connects to Guest WiFi over UniFi WiFI access points, your branded page hosted by Colligso captures data securely, provides the internet access and sends data to your Colligso account. TextIn also sends a message to the customer to verify his/her mobile number and the opt-in. Once the customer agrees, TextIn records the confirmation. After that, you can run text/ picture (SMS/ MMS) campaigns to reach such customers.

How to integrate?

It is easy to integrate UniFi access points with Colligso, no coding is required. Purchase UniFi WiFi system or access points directly from Ubiquiti store, distributors or retailers including Amazon. Set up UniFi Network Controller and add access point(s) for your site. Sign up for TextIn WiFi plan. Configure guest WiFi to integrate Colligso Captive Portal with WiFi.

signup (use the TextIn WiFi plan)

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