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Customer story - WiFi + email marketing using Colligso for a sushi restaurant

The sushi restaurant in this customer story is located in a suburban locality in northern California. It serves both traditional and unique sushi dishes. It offers a spacious and modern...

Shout out to Curry Pizza House for COVID-19 response

A big shout out to our customer Curry Pizza House for this heart warming gesture to the children of Fremont Unified School District. Get free pizza for lunch if you...

SMS marketing for Vend point of sale using Colligso TextIn

Check out our direct integration between Colligso and Vend.

Special offer from Colligso due to Corona virus (COVID-19) impact on businesses.

One of our customers recently asked us to help her setup email campaign informing her customers that delivery is available from her restaurant. Her text messages showed the sense of...

Colligso WalletIn is available on Clover

Colligso’s WalletIn app helps merchants to remarket their product/services directly to customers using a Pass in Apple Pay and Google Pay wallet.

When should you use SMS marketing?

According to industry statistics, SMS open and response rates are as high as 98% and 45%, respectively.