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Meraki Go WiFi + Colligso TextIn customer engagement, best in class

Do your customers want free WiFi in your store, venue or workspace? You bet they do. Do you want to engage with them using the most effective communication channel in...

Engage hyperlocally with customers in Canada over Text Messaging (SMS/MMS) using Colligso TextIn

Did you know that Colligso TextIn is available to businesses in Canada for hyperlocal customer engagement? Businesses in Canada can now use TextIn for engaging with customers using Text (SMS)...

Text messaging, carrier fees, etc.

This post is for our customers who are using TextIn app. Apology for a long message in advance but recent changes deserve an explanation.

Engage with customers on Vend using SMS

Businesses using Vend point-of-sale can now integrate their Vend account directly with Colligso TextIn to increase their customer engagement and grow their businesses using the most effective communication channel, SMS....

Integration with Oracle GloriaFood

GloriaFood is now Oracle GloriaFood. Congratualations GloriaFood team!

Your order is ready - text (SMS) paging

COVID-19 has forced many businesses to improvise in order to survive. Food businesses such as restaurants are affected the most due to social distancing, lockdowns and curfews.